I’m Adelene. I studied Computer Science. I’m passionate in baking and I do fancy the designs of the molds and cups. This has led me to open an online store selling products related to baking, such as muffin cups, cupcake wrappers, baking molds and etcetera. I also do have a 9 to 6 job and I had no plans to leave, but unfortunately there are some things you cannot control (like the economy), with the possibility that I will be laid off. Part of me feels like I do not wish my 9 to 6 job holding me back, I want to be able to earn more money and working less (with more flexible) hours – which in the end allows me to be home and spend time with my family. So, I have to work out plans to work for myself from home.

As I said earlier, I do have an online store but it’s not working so right for me. This was because I have to keep the inventory, checking on payments manually, do my own packing for shipment, and so on. Hence, my plan now is to earn my dollars from internet marketing. To start off anything it won’t be easy as the saying goes, “Nothing comes easy”. It requires knowledge, time and effort.
With that say, I am now in the midst of learning about internet marketing from various online marketing gurus. Though I’m new in this field, I would like to share about my journey in internet marketing towards earning my first dollar and making passive income. Through this site, I will be as clear as possible in all that I do online. I will share about the business, the software, the strategies that I used and the income that I made.

Lastly, please read this carefully:

I’m not an online marketing guru; I’m here just to share what I’ve learnt from the gurus and what I have applied. The research that I’ve done might not apply to your topic but you may serve it as your reference on how to go about it. I will do some recommendation on stuffs along the way based on my research and/or experiences that I might pound while doing this internet marketing. I do hope with my sharing, I will be able to help you to understand and do internet marketing to earn some passive income together.
To be honest with you, I do believe that earning from any kind of income online does take a lot of patience when you’re learning everything from scratch, a lot of hard work when doing it all from zero, and we do need a little bit of good luck too. So, good luck to you and me. 
Thank you for taking your time to read this, and I hope to see you on the blog sometime soon!