Affiliate Website



In this session, we are learning on promoting Amazon products as an affiliate. We will link that to our social media account, in this case is Pinterest. Of course, you must already have an Amazon account and register yourself as affiliate. Note as a reminder, you MUST have about 20-30 posts of content, with that you can proceed to apply to become Amazon Affiliate. Also, do not post all pictures in Pinterest that associates with your Amazon; do make it balance with some pictures without any link.

You will need to obtain the following key ID from your Amazon Affiliate account.


AWS Secret Key

Associate ID/Tracking ID

There are 2 methods in doing this website with different WordPress theme and plugin. But first, we will need to install a separate WordPress account as a store within your site.

Method 1:

One of the best WordPress theme to work with Amazon is no other than WP Amazillionaire theme (

WP Amazillionaire theme will be needed to install in your WordPress account. You also will need to install the WordPress Plugin called, Export WordPress data to XML/CSV (WP All Export).

Once you’ve installed WP Amazillionaire theme, then go to WP Amazillionaire > Settings. You will then need to drag and drop the ‘Amazillionaire Bookmarklet’ link into your browser bookmark bar so that when you’re browsing Amazon (on an individual product’s page), you will click it to post a product directly to your site. Next, you will have to key in the fields required in Amazon Affiliate Settings and Posting Settings; click ‘Save Changes’ to save the settings.

Search in Google for ‘amazon best sellers for…’. Click on the Amazon listing link. You will have 100 products listed in that page. Click on the product you want to sell (wait for the page to load fully) then click on the ‘Amazon Bookmarklet’. Everything is pulled in for you. Select Category: General (Or other category you have created) Then click on ‘Post and Publish’.

Post as many products as possible in your store website. After that go back to your WordPress Store admin, we will export out the products using WP ALL Export (WordPress Plugin). Exporting by Posts on the category, media and permalink in CSV file. With that, using a special Excel file template with macro integrated; we will then use a software called Social Multiplier to assist in pinning into Pinterest account.

Method 2:

Here, we will install a different theme and plugin from the previous method. There is another type of browser tool to assist in grabbing the Amazon product using its ASIN number. You may go to the following link to find out more.

Login to your WordPress Store admin to install the GazetteTheme20 theme and WPZonBuilder plugin into your WordPress Store. WPZonBuilder is compatible with any themes. You may/might need to edit the theme CSS to have the plugin working correctly if it’s not compatible.

Go to WPZonBuilder then select ‘AWS/Aff. Settings’, you will need to key in the WP Zon Builder License Key, AWS Key, AWS Secret Key and Associate ID/Tracking ID associated with your Amazon account.

Go to, search for your top products and get the ASINs.

Then go to WPZonBuilder > Add To Queue. Paste the ASINs, then click ‘Add ASINs to Queue’. It will shows that the products are ready to be posted.

Next go to WPZonBuilder > Post Products, do the Settings then once done; click “Click Here To Post Products”.

Go to WPZonBuilder > General Settings > Cache, check the ‘Refresh Product Data From Amazon Older Than Day(s)’ and type in ‘1’ so that it refreshes the product daily to obtain the new pricing from Amazon. Then click “Click Here To Save Changes”.