Body Shaping Lingerie: DX Verve



A beautiful shape is a treasured possession of most women. It comprises in smooth back, full breasts, shapely waistline, firm derriere and slim thighs.


Not all of us have the proportionate body shape. The factors that contributes to an imperfect body shapes are:

  • Gravity – Our breasts and derriere are vital concern where it is supported by fat and it’s the first parts that sag due to gravity
  • Ageing – It begins after hitting age 25 and becomes more evident after childbirth or sudden weight loss
  • Sitting Posture – prolonged sitting with wrong posture causes fat to accumulate at the buttocks and backaches
  • Diet – high in fat and protein will cause fat to accumulate at the waist.
  • Unsuitable undergarment – one of the main factor in transforming one’s body shape


Let’s do some self-evaluation on whether are wearing the right lingerie.

Does your back bulge out between your bra?

From the side look: does your breasts looks sagging even with a bra on?

Does your tummy bulging out on the waist when wearing a girdle?

Is your bikini panties too tight that causes the fat pushes towards your thighs and tummy?

If your answers are mostly yes to the question above, you will need to consider of getting a more suitable lingerie.



Ergonomic Design

It measures 3D-angles of the human body taken at 100 different points using the body line scan technology and determines the composition of material for optimal shaping effect and comfort. It requires different stitching processes under the expertise of experienced seamsters.


  • Brassiere – the 3 piece cup design that 100% supports to lift breasts and maintains firmer and naturally rounded breast contour. There are teflon bone to lock the fat in position, double power-net that pushes fat from around the breasts and underarms into bra cups.
  • Waist Nipper – consists of fabric with coil bones that create a  shapely waistline and flatten bulging tummy and lower abdomen.
  • Body Shaper – assists to lifts breasts and accentuates cleavage, it covers the back and flattens back fat.
  • Long Girdle – compresses tummy, slims thigh and firm up buttocks.
  • Panties – fully envelopes buttocks and prevents fat from bulging out.



Superior Materials and Elegant Design

It made of customized fabric from the combination of Nylon, Polyurethane and Premier Egyptian Cotton. Nylon is soft on skin, Polyurethane provides great elasticity and Premier Egyptian Cotton encompasses the elastic fibers for extra comfort.

Different material compositions are used in different parts of the lingerie to maximize the effects of “lifting”, “locking” and “securing” fat.


Dynamic Lace Design

It uses advanced knitting technologies from Europe to create the distinctive Golden Wave Lace. The design concept is inspired by the Clematis Flower, it’s a symbol of inner beauty, nobility and elegance.


Quality Assured

It’s manufactured by an experience Japanese Manufacturer since 1979 that possesses over 30 years of expertise in research and development. They are awarded the ISO 9001 quality management system certification and bestowed the good design award by the Japan Foundation Lingerie Organization.


Amazing Results

It’s immediate and with constant wearing and re-positioning for 3-6 months of sculpting the perfect figure of fat movement, you will be able to notice the new body shape of yours.


DX Verve Explanation:



There are 2 design on the lingerie, DX Verve and Charms. Watch the video below for a full view.


DX Verve: