Facebook Marketing



A very common place for us all to be marketing on this platform called, Facebook. It is one of the most powerful social media network and frequented website in the world. It captures attention and build relationship with potential customers.

Benefits of Facebook Marketing

In order to promote business branding, you can create exposure and awareness in Facebook. It’s a good place to showcase your products, services and websites for free. In a way, increase your sales for your business. You are able to enhance customer’s experience and even collect market data in order to increase your position as an authority in your own field. You may also have functions like a mailing list or opt-in list to keep your customer’s updated with the latest news via email.

FB Marketing Requirements

  • It may be free but it requires time and effort
  • Don’t just be a brand, but be a community
  • Crisis control
  • Use your best profile picture – use your best real picture
  • Be unique and updates frequently
  • Learn all the FB functions and tools
  • Assign backup administrator
  • Create username at https://www.facebook,com.username

90:9:1 Social Behaviors Rule in FB

1% – Heavy Contributors – they like whatever you post

9% – Contribute from time to time

90% – of users are lurkers (they read or observe, but don’t contribute).

Facebook Business Page

  • Create Customized Landing Page with free offers to “LIKE”
  • Link “Thank You” page to Opt‐in box (optional)

You can search and use free Facebook apps like “Static HTML – iFrame”: https://apps.facebook.com/static_html_plus/

How to get more “Likes”?

  • Integrate Facebook Social Plugins in your websites
  • Engage and encourage comments – ask questions that trigger people to answer
  • Use Photo or Video feature
  • Ask controversial questions
  • Create contest and polls
  • Tag other FB Pages in post and others (use sparingly) – only to those who post related
  • Actively participate/Post outside your FB Pages
  • Use the “Invite” function for those who has liked the post (For Pages that have less than 100K likes)
  • Link our post in other FB Pages
  • Select the best time to post in FB – schedule to post based on your target market (geographical location) time zone
  • Encourage existing fans to tag themselves in photos
  • Getting fans to upload photos
  • Integrate Facebook Connect Plugin in your WordPress blog
  • JV (joint venture) with other FB Pages of related/similar topics
  • Collaborate with others to improve ranking and top posts
  • Advertise in Facebook
  • Promote FB Pages offline
  • Participate in FB Groups (leverage with software)

Is “Likes” Alone Sufficient?

It is more important to focus on how many people are talking about your pages than to focus on the number of Likes. Facebook Page’s success is measured by how many people are actually talking about our FB Pages. You need to create “engagement” for people to comment, people to like. When your page is new, it’s likely there is people who will comment it. You can create “other” FB account that comes in to like yourself, share yourself, comment yourself. This “other” FB account will also need to have friends. Once you get into the momentum; you just need to post and post and post. If people ask question and you don’t know, you can ask Google.