Software: Instant Article Writing



Not all of us are born to be a good writer or journalist. Some of us might face difficulty in writing out a simple article and yet sounds professional at the same time. Therefore, we are lucky to be in this era where there is software that will help us to do just that.


The software is called Instant Article Writing. It only runs on Windows OS platform, requires Windows XP or higher.

This will be able to help you to write out an article even though you don’t know nothing about a topic or any topic. It allows you to edit or rearrange the text or sentences easily. It’s user-friendly like any other text software; for example, Notepad or TextPad.


How does it work?

With this software, it can gather as well as research through thousands of pages on the topic of your choice within seconds. You can basically research on any topics that you have in mind within seconds. Besides that, it will break down your research into sub-topics so that you can separate your content into related sections without any hassle.


Based on the chosen topic, you can put into the content or sentences into paragraphs with ease. This software has included The Best Spinner phrasebook therefore, you can rewrite the content easily based on the research of your topic. Once you have gathered the content for your article, you can opt to export to other spin text software. You can also opt to re-write in your own words or using spin text software to spun your article so that it does look like it’s copied from some other websites. In order to have an unique content and plagiarism free, it’s to validate your article by verifying it in Copyscape. Copyscape will highlight the portion of your article that they deems duplicate. There’s a separate cost for Copyscape, you may refer to Copyscape website ( for more information.


The research results are gathered from Google, Bing, Articles Base, Google Tips, Google DOCs, Google PDFs, Google Articles, Google Scholar, Google News, Google US Government. You can run the research to obtain the results from one or all the stated resources. The results obtained are from worldwide as long as it’s supported by Google.  It is integrated to support for multi languages.  It is also built-in with research on keywords from Google Trends and Keyword Suggestion tool. You can save your work by project so that you can recall or re-use the same research result to write other articles for the same keyword or topic.


Take a glimpse on how the software works by watching the video below.