Software: Pinbot



PinBot is another automation software that works on Pinterest. It will allows to be the lead in the competition in Pinterest. As Pinterest grows to become a favor to marketers, hence its community is also growing over the years. Now, Pinterest has turn out to be one of the main source for free targeted traffic. It would be beneficial when the software handle the tasks that are time consuming as well as managing your social media account. You can promote your business by building an effective Pinterest profile. There’s a free trial for you to try out PinBot.


Something About Pinterest

70% of Pinterest users are women and only 30% men.

About 50% of Pinterest users love children products.

Pinterest users are between 18 and 44 years old, always ready to buy!


Price and System Requirements:

It cost about US $ 159 with lifetime license. There is no other hidden fees, even for upgrades or any bug fixes are done completely free. However, the license is applicable to one PC. They also do offer a 30-days money back guarantee if for some reason you are not satisfy with the product.


Supports a Windows based platform only. If you are using Mac, you can opt and search for software that can mimic a Windows operating system. Another method is to sign up for a Windows platform VPS (Virtual Private Server) service to run PinBot and it would also save your computer’s resources as it’s consuming when running for long hours. With VPS, you will be able to access and manage it from your own devices like smartphone, tablet, computer (PC) or even laptop.



Scrape niche and nice related pictures then put it to queue before proceeding to upload. This features allows you to customize or edit your picture manually.


Manual – This feature is known as the manual mode, when you click on the ‘Start’ button, it will pin the pictures that you have scraped.

Autopilot – However in autopilot mode, what it does is that it will scrape and pin the picture to the chosen boards automatically. Just key in all the categories for every board and let it do its job.

Schedule – Plan on the schedule you would want to run the pinning on a specified date and time.

Repin related pins on the boards easily. It is either to¬† ‘Keep’/’Skip’ the pins manually or select the boards and write for all the categories to search for pins automatically.

Likes on related pins from other pinners. All you have to do is type in your keywords/niche/topics that you are targeting and just ‘Start’ it.

Build and send request onto your Group Boards. This will enables you to invite and allow your fellow followers to have permission to pin on your board.

Follow other Pinterest users or members to have them to follow you back. You have to manually filter out users that are non-legit or non-related to your topics, especially without any profile pictures.

Unfollow those users that does not fulfill certain of your criteria. It will help you to build a more credible account. The more credible your account is, the more people is to like and follow you.

Proxy Support – using proxies is very important when you are using software as an automation tool. PinBot will allow to manage several account, or unlimited accounts; but without using proxies does lead you to the tendency of getting your account being banned by Pinterest. PinBot allows you to use three accounts for each proxy.



Advantages versus Disadvantages:


  • One-time license fee (lifetime)
  • Free upgrades and updates
  • Manages several accounts
  • Supports 3 proxy per accounts



  • Only support Windows OS (Mac users can solve but purchasing VPS service)
  • License for 1 PC only