Pinterest Marketing



Pinterest Facts and Statistics

  • Started March 2010.
  • Number of Pinterest users are about 70 million.
  • Fastest growing social media by overall member growth.
  • 85% of users are women.
  • Median age of user is 40.
  • Majority of Daily Active Pinners are under 40.
  • Household income of half of Pinterest users is $50k or greater per year.
  • 25% of pinners buy a product after discovering it on Pinterest.
  • 52% users are moms.
  • 88% of Pinterest usages takes place on mobile devices.
    • No need to build fancy websites. Simple site is good if you want target Pinterest
  • 93% of Pinners shopped online in the past 6 months
  • The number of people who see your pins is greater than your number of followers.
    • Pinning something that people wants
  • Popular categories are food, travel, DIY, arts and crafts.
  • Pins live longer than Tweet which are within minutes and FB newsfeeds within hours. It lives for months.
    • Do once then it keeps going on, unless the thing is outdated and people stops pinning. You need to create a topic that people are looking for. You also need to build followers first, but don’t start to pushing products first. Product can sell in Pinterest later on once you have established a good number of your followers.


Pinterest Limits

  • Boards: 500 – You can allow other people to pin in your board only if they have a lot of followers. Wait for people to invite you, then review their board if their board got a lot of people before accepting the invitation.
  • Pins: 200,000 – You can delete old pins, but don’t delete pins of your own products.
  • Likes: 100,000 – This will be just like a bookmarking your board or account.
  • Pinners: 50,000 – This relates to accounts. You can only follow 50,000 followers; if they don’t follow you then unfollow them.
  • Following: 300 per hour
  • Unfollowing pinners: 500 per hour
  • Unfollow boards: 250 per hour
  • Invites: 100 per hour
  • Pinning: This is to pin in your own boards. You can pin over every 3 minutes if using automation.

Please do note that Pinterest is very fond in suspending account. However, if your account is suspended, then act innocent to try re-instate your account.

To avoid the account suspension, you can use Proxy IP address if you’re using automation to do pinning.


Pinterest Business Account

In order to convert your existing personal Pinterest account to business account, you will need to go to the following link.


Pinterest Browser Button

Install this button in your browser as a shortcut to do pinning