Software: Social Multiplier



Social Multiplier is a tool to assist marketing in Pinterest. It does help you to grow the number of your followers and pinning your pictures. You can opt to pin the pictures via your Pinterest account manually or using this software to automate the process.

The software can only be installed in a Windows platform PC. You can schedule to link the images to be pinned in your Pinterest account. Social Multiplier do allows you to select the boards in your Pinterest account for the images to be pinned on for that leads your targeted followers to view.

You can have specific link on each of the image, in other words; you can link to your website to get the traffic from Pinterest. This means to say that when a member of Pinterest click on the pinned image with your link in it, it will direct or lead the follower to your website.

The software will also enables you to preset on the Following activity in your Pinterest account. This will eventually help you to grow your number of followers. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc., you need to have more followers, and the more you have, the greater the exposure you will get for any posting or pinning activity on Pinterest. In other words, when you have more followers, eventually have more traffic and from Traffic equals Money! To make things sound better, when you have your followers to re-pin any of your pins, he/she will allow all their followers to view your picture while your link is still tagged in that picture.

Why choose Pinterest?

  • There are millions of users
  • The users in Pinterest are ready buyers
  • Most of its users income are medium range and above
  • The members are mostly from United States
  • Pinterest website has a high page rank, PR9. Google rate the highest for a website would be PR10.

Wonder how it works? Watch the following video and evaluate yourself.

Everything including software has its own set of pros and cons. The advantages and disadvantages of Social Multiplier are as listed below for your reference.


  • Gets free traffic – The traffic you will get is almost immediately
  • No involvement of SEO (the super tedious work)
  • Easy and simple to operate
  • Pricing is quite reasonable, as to compare on the expense that will cost to obtain the kind of traffic somewhere else
  • Search images for you based on the keyword you keyed in
  • Does pinning and re-pinnings activity
  • Does following activity
  • Do it with any market niche so as long there’s pictures available


  • Does not support Mac version (as of now, he might have plan to make it available in the future)
  • Some market niche might have limited pictures available

This software is only available from Jonathan Leger, the inventor. A big thank you to him for this remarkable software that will not only ease our work and also saves us a lot of time. So if you wish to obtain your Social Multiplier copy, you can ‘Click Here’ to proceed.