Twitter Marketing



Twitter Traffic Driven Website Model

In Twitter, the tweets will stay within minutes only; therefore, you will need a lot of followers and re-tweet the tweets. The best timing of tweets will be when is US day time.

Do avoid getting your account suspended, it’s considered gone and won’t get instated after the account suspended.


  • Front-End
    • To get followers
  • Social media won’t make as much money as SEO
    • Traffic comes in by thousands
  • 75% duplicated/uniqueness is not considered as PLR (Private Label Right is 100% duplicated)
    • A site with 4 paragraphs
    • Each paragraph is copied from a site
    • It will compare page-to-page so it just 25% duplicated
  • Cost US$ 2 per 1000 pages and put it in your website then use NextScript to do the posting/tweeting the thousand pages
    • After every 3 months, flush the old content. Sign up for another 10k pages.
    • Post 10k content to your website using software: BlogHatter – helps to inject content
    • 1 link is US$ 80 – Put ads using Google Adsense
    • We can build websites and let others put their advertisement on our sites; and they pay us.
    • Buy content from to get a lot of articles
  • Tweet hourly round the clock

In Social Media, it relates more to human psychology. You need to have thousands of followers to have confidence.

You can purchase twitter followers for $5 from These followers from are not permanent. You must have campaign to replace with real followers.

What To Take Away?

  1. To get more followers, we need to do more following.
  2. Some topics earned better than others.
  3. Results can be instantaneous.
  4. Twitter accounts can be shared with multiple websites. (but don’t over-stretch the limit) – Suggestion: 3 person or more to one group
  5. Build and forget basis – with automation
  6. Non-desktop devices constituted 90%

Twitter Limitations

  1. Max characters per tweet is 140
  2. Max characters per direct message is 10,000 – can use this to upsell your products
  3. Max tweets per day is 2,400 – more than that they will suspend you even when you hit 2000
  4. Max direct messages is 250
  5. Max following is 1,000 users per day
  6. Following limit is capped at 2,000 (but can break the limit with 10% conditions)

Safe Practices for Twitter

  1. Do not exceed 50 followings an hour
  2. Do not exceed 200 followings per day
  3. Not more than 50 unfollowings per hour
  4. Not more than 200 unfollowings per day
  5. To overcome the 2,000 following limits per account
    • Keep to a followings/followers ratio of 11:10 – every 10 people who follow you, you can follow 11 other people
    • Do not exceed 1.1 ratio
    • Magical number is 1,819 followers – then you can have 2000 following
      • Anything that can sabotage your competitors, it doesn’t work. – meaning Twitter won’t suspend you when buy for followers in Twitter.

TIP: If you use your domain email, unlikely Twitter will ask for verification.